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 did i play the hand right???

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PostSubject: did i play the hand right???   Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:26 pm

This Is my 1st post. Yesterday, I was playing in a Step 3 single table SnG @ Carbon Poker. Its a play $ event. These step events lead to real money in your account after you adv. through teh 1st 2 and win the 3rd. I am making a video series on how to get started with OPM and NOT deposit your own cash. The situation was where I had a 3 /1 stack size adv. over the rest of the table. This was 2nd level and Blinds were 15 / 30. I was in the Cut Off and delt QQ. the player (Under the Gun) min raises to 60. we get 2 callers in mid pos. I reraise and mak a 5-bet to 300 (I figured if 2 overs or a pair flop I can still get away from the hand. UTG just calls and the rest fold to leave us heads up. The flop comes (A, 3, 9) no chemistry and the pot is now 600. UTG checks, I check back, The turn comes, it is a 6 makeing the board (A,3 9,6) all diferent suits. no straights or flushes. UTG checks and I now raise 3/4 pot or 450 to make the pot 1050 UTG at this point has 300left in his stack. I dont put him on an "A" because he checked the flop. He now shuvs the rest of his stack 300., I pretty much know I've got him beat. I call. He turns over (Q, 3 off) (REALLY?) and then of course,... spikes a 3 on the river to win. VERY FRUSTRAITING!!! The play left me with 2580 and still in pretty good shape. I did end up winning and completing my video, but I have 2 questions 1. Did I play the hand incorrectly? and 2. how could I have played the hand different? thanks scratch
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did i play the hand right???
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