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 Our Romanian born American.

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Our Romanian born American. Empty
PostSubject: Our Romanian born American.   Our Romanian born American. EmptyMon Nov 21, 2011 10:12 am

Protester Brandon Watts was media fodder in the Zuccotti Park Occupy Arrests yesterday. It wasn't clear if the young man being led away by police, crying and bloodied, had been attacked by police during an arrest or injured in some other fray.

For the most part, many of the arrests captured on video and film at OWS yesterday don't appear to have justification, other than instances when protesters sat down in the streets, blocking intersections and ignoring police barriers. Many protesters locked arms with the person next to them. Locked arm in arm forced the cops the move in two on one and exert physical force against the resisting protesters.

CNN reported today that 20-year-old Watts was arrested by police after he threw something at police. Yesterday, six police officers went to the emergency room after protesters splashed them with an unidentifiable liquid. The liquid was later identified as vinegar.

Some reports say that Watts suffered a fractured skull after his encounter with police. The police were on a mission to keep the New York Stock Exchange safe and keep protesters out of Zuccotti Park.

Protests in New York have subdued today. There is a rally expected at the Wall Street site set to begin at 11:30. New York temperatures are hovering just over the freezing mark. Some say that had the city not issued an order to clear Zuccotti Park earlier this week, then Thursday's surge would not have happened. Other reports note that the protests have become a safe haven for the homeless, thus exposing the cruelty of financial distress and mental health disorders that plague the city. Their presence, more so than the presence of Occupy protesters who tend to be younger and unemployed, magnify incredibly the plight of the poor.

Union groups also converged to Occupy Wall Street yesterday. Older union members said they came to join the young people in the protests to teach them how to participate in civil protests and get arrested without being hurt or without inciting police violence. Union members sat in the street and blocked traffic near the Brooklyn Bridge. Police officers told them to move. The union protesters stayed and remained silent. The police arrested them and removed the veteran protesters without violence or incident.

Watts told reporters his name and earned empathy of many who saw him crying with his hands cuffed and blood poured from his face.

In all, there were between 250 and 400 arrests in New York's Occupy Protests yesterday. An estimated 30,000 participated in yesterday's Occupy Movement.

Raids of Occupy camps took place all over the nation this week, in addition to Zuccotti Park.

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Our Romanian born American.
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