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 my star,skills,sched games and bankroll...

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PostSubject: my star,skills,sched games and bankroll...   Sun Aug 14, 2011 5:00 pm

i've reached my goal last week, to reach silver star... my next goal is to reach goldstar this week or platinum,more better... i want to improve more my skills too... yesterday,i played again scheduled game $2.20 1K guaranteed,im near at final,unfortunately, my AK beated QQ... i am rank 3 that time, i lost 3/4 of my stacks. and ended my game 17th place.. Sad l like to reach AT LEAST final table on scheduled games this week Smile about my br, wanna win more and more... keep up more my winnings.... Smile Smile Smile
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my star,skills,sched games and bankroll...
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