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 Stake Abuse Form, Start a New Topic with this Copied!

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PostSubject: Stake Abuse Form, Start a New Topic with this Copied!   Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:10 pm

Stake Abuse Form


Your Username:

Link to the Stake thread or to the rail thread:
Without this link the report of abuse is not valid

Horse's name:

Enter their StealingBlinds ID here :

Amount Staked:

The amount that you staked the horse :

Amount they owe you (if BAS state the full last known BR):

If they didnt play, state the amount staked. If they played and cashed, state the amount you were expecting to get from them

Have you tried to contact them via PM?

Please select the type of stake abuse

Horse stole the winnings/stake money
Horse stole the stake money (ie they didnt play at all, or not enough)
Horse failed to show to me clearly where the money has been spent
Horse failed to follow my instructions/conditions for the stake
Horse played very poorly and I feel my money was treated with little/no respect
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Stake Abuse Form, Start a New Topic with this Copied!
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