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 Trading $10 Hero Poker at a time for LoL card codes

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PostSubject: Trading $10 Hero Poker at a time for LoL card codes   Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:12 pm

This is a long shot since people who want to fund their accounts for such little money will probably just freeroll it until they got what they need, but nevertheless, I'll try, lol. Willing to occasionally trade $10 hero poker money for those who want to fund their accounts. Here's the annoying part. You send first, and you gotta buy a special card for a game I play called League of Legends. You can get it at most retail stores and/or gas stations. Pretty sure there is no tax on these cards. You scratch off a code, and send it to me, and I'll send you the funds on hero poker. Another annoyance, I'm pretty sure I can't trade like this with anyone not from North America, because codes bought outside of NA probably won't work for me. If surprisingly, someone agrees to this, keep in mind, I'm totally low stakes. Only got $220 as we speak, so I can't do this often. I always want to keep a small bankroll so I can grind it back up again. Anyone who's seriously considering this, I can send a dollar to you free so you know I'm verified. I don't chip dump. Add me on skype/aim as Punksterbrew.
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Trading $10 Hero Poker at a time for LoL card codes
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