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 Merge site preference

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PostSubject: Merge site preference   Mon Jan 02, 2012 2:33 pm

Hey everyone, I am just wanting to get your opinions on the best merge site. This seems to be the only viable network atm as Cake doesnt seem to get the traffic needed for decent tournys. So I currently use Carbon which seemed cool when I signed up they had lots of promos and I got in before they got rid of the 35% rakeback, so thats nice too. But after running bad latley on Carbon and hearing about Hero I downloaded it and set up an acct but I dont think I can transfer my BR between skins and depositing is a pain and I hate doing it. So I guess I am wondering if anyone who uses Hero or another merge skin thinks what they offer is better than the rakeback and VIP program of Carbon, or if there are better promos.
Thx guys! alien
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Merge site preference
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