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 CarbonPoker Offering January Reload Bonus

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PostSubject: CarbonPoker Offering January Reload Bonus   Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:05 am

CarbonPoker Offering January Reload Bonus

Quote :
Get 10 Percent Up to $30 Until Jan. 15, 2012

by Card Player News Team | Published: Dec 28, 2011

CarbonPoker has come up with a way to reward its players in January.

CarbonPoker wants you to kickoff the New Year with a Fresh Start! January is a huge month for CarbonPoker and to add to the Holiday Joy, the site wants to promote a fresh start bonus, which awards 10 percent up to $30. The bonus is live now and claimable until 11:59 PM server time on Sunday Jan. 15, 2012.

Simply enter bonus code FRESHSTART in the cashier when making a deposit.

Also at CarbonPoker:

New VIP Features, More Player Value

It’s time to ring in the New Year and the VIP Rewards Program has undergone a significant value overhaul, offering you more player rewards and benefits than ever!

This new realignment will also give you real-time rewards! Instead of adjusting the assignments of players to new tiers at the beginning of each month, it will be done instantly! Giving you immediate value.

CarbonPoker’s VIP tiers will be going through realignment, giving you incentive to graduate through the tiers faster while making each tier that much easier to obtain.

Below are the new rewards that players will benefit from:

1. Earth
Required points/month: 250
Daily VIP Cashback Rebates: 6%
Points Exchange for Cash: $3.00/500

3. Fire
Required points/month: 3000
Daily VIP Cashback Rebates: 10%
Points Exchange for Cash: $16.00/2,000

5. Ether
Required points/month: 25,000
Daily VIP Cashback Rebates: 45%
Points Exchange for Cash: $50.00/5,000

2. Wind
Required points/month: 750
Daily VIP Cashback Rebates: 7.5%
Points Exchange for Cash: $7.00/1,000

4. Water
Required points/month: 10,000
Daily VIP Cashback Rebates: 15%
Points Exchange for Cash: $22.00/2,500

$10,000 VIP Freeroll

Out with the old, in with the new. The individual VIP level freeroll has now expanded. In the past, on the last Saturday of the month, a freeroll was offered to each individual tier. Earth’s freeroll was $750, Wind $1,500, Fire $2,000, Water $2,500 and Ether $3,500. Now CarbonPoker has expanded so EVERYONE enters into the same $10,000 freeroll. Bringing far more value to you!

Ether Plus

CarbonPoker is happy to announce Ether Plus. This is the site’s way of rewarding the top VIP Point earning players. Here’s how it works:

After qualifying for the top tier, you will have 3 calendar months to earn 150,000 VIP Points without ever dropping out of Ether. For example, if you qualified for Ether in December, you have from January 1 to March 30th to earn 150K points. When you do, you will be awarded:

— $500 cash bonus
— 2 hours of expert-level poker training/hand review at DragTheBar
— CarbonPoker’s new VIP Concierge service — get tickets, events & much more with your VIP Points

Track your progress in your player admin and reap the rewards of your valuable play!

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CarbonPoker Offering January Reload Bonus
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