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 Live BSA @ Win River $35 Buy in

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PostSubject: Live BSA @ Win River $35 Buy in   Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:47 am

Live BSA @ Win River $35 Buy in

Will post receipt in morning

Sick last hand, were down to 5 and im pretty card dead i got 25k left at 3k/6k blinds and i pick up A 10 in the small blinds older guy raises on the button, i ship it, and he calls, i flip up A10 and he shows A6, flop is AJ9 turn Q and river 6, so sick, such a brutal way to go out! but ya made $117 from $35 investment..not bad but like 4 hours of work..##### lol

Quote :
ftr : i sat at $3/$6 before the tourney started and killed it, walked away $150 net winner lol Smile

Rspwner1 Invested $10 = Return $39

Garlicbutter Invested $10 = Return $39

took 5th for $122, we all took $5 off the top for 6th so they would get $25 so i i walked with $117

Starting Bankroll $35

Ending Bankroll $117

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Live BSA @ Win River $35 Buy in
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