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 Frequently Asked Questions

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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions    Tue Jul 19, 2011 6:35 am

What are Donkey Dollars?

Donkey Dollars is a version of make-up for a stake. When applying for a stake on, you will be agreeing to Donkey Dollars. What that essentially means is, lets say you run a $11 stake and lose. That $11 is now Donkey dollars and can be paid back by playing another stake for the same staker and when you profit, you take that $11 from your profit from the 2nd stake and pay if off that way.

What if I dont profit enough to pay off the Donkey Dollar amount owed?

Thats ok. You just subtract the amount you paid off from your side of the profit of the 2nd stake and the remainder will remain Donkey Dollars.

Donkey Dollars will be tracked in the Donkey Dollars section of the forum for easy tracking.

How do i get my Player points for my stake i profited on?

Once you complete your stake, you will submit it in the Completed Stake section and an Admin or Mod will then add your points according to profit made.

Why did i only get half of the Player points of the profit i made?

The Points you accumulate is from money you have made staker's. So every stake if 50/50 lets say you profit $100, you will receive 50 Player Points.

What is a BSA?

BSA stands for "Buy Some Action". Its a way for good players to piece out there action and for people to buy shares in good players. Only the best of Stealingblinds will be allowed BSA access. To see BSA requirements see here BSA's can not run longer than one month unless stated in the BSA thread. Stakers can only "cashout" shares early if they have someone on Stealingblinds that will buy their shares at current value relevant to whatever the current bankroll is.

Can i do a Live BSA?

Yes. Once you gain BSA access, does not mean you have Live BSA access. You must earn tons of trust and respect to qualify for Live BSA Access. Tournaments for Live BSA's must be trackable online unless every single staker is ok with it being otherwise, such as another member is going to be there so they can confirm theyre presence. You will not be able to run Live Cash BSA's because there is no way to track that.

What are Staker Points?

Staker points are given when a staker invests into a stake or BSA and after that stake ends, an admin will add staker points according to how much the staker invested.

How do i submit Stake Abuse?

Fill out the Stake Abuse forum found here : and PM it to either myself Stealingblindsadmin, one of us will then ban that member and post in the staking abuse section what happened and that member will essentially be black balled form not only the staking scene but Stealingblinds as a whole. when you meet people for the first time on the internet and build trust, once that trust us broken there is no way of getting that trust back.

Why do i have to verify my Bankroll and how do i do it?

Verifying Bankrolls is done to make sure that the horse is holding the actual Bankroll he is stating he has and he can either verify your Bankroll by skype or teamviewer. If you dont have skype or teamviewer please PM ad admin or Mod and they will walk you through it. Abuse FormStake abuse form
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Frequently Asked Questions
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