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 Screen shots from live coverage today

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Co-Founder/Admin/Staking Admin

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PostSubject: Screen shots from live coverage today    Sun Jul 17, 2011 6:52 pm

Screen shots from live coverage today

WSOP Main event Live coverage screen shots and talk

First of all

WTF is Eli doing!!!!!! your wearing FTP!!!!! are you out of your fckin mind bro!!!!!!! he should get his ##### fckin kicked for wearing that!!!!!! wow! mother fcker!

the front is covered but not the back of the hat? WTFFF

Someone must of talked to eli cuz he covered the back up...

Phil Collins is running and playing Great!!!!

Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

Picture of Phil Collins Chip Stack

Another picture of Phil collins chip stack + the hott dealer Smile

Collins wins again

3 bet ship + collins chip stack

Pic of collins chip stack + hott dealer

Full table view

127 left and collins at 6.6 milly

116 left and collins at 7.7 milly

Collins knockouts this guy, crazy call imo, called off on turn when collins re raised 909,000 putting him all ins after he lead the turn for 250k

Collins at 10 million

107 left collins at 10 milly

Featured table

Another pic of FTP errrrrrrrrrr

Erick lindgren

some guy that works for facebook

Eli trying to act gangsta LOLLLLLLL

Kara Scott SmileSmileSmile

Eli is out and i think his hair turned grey from the last hand..

Kara talks to Eli..

Eli doin the scarface and the guy next to him is doin something really weird with his chips, u that bored playing day 6 of the main event??? LOL

10 10 vs KK

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Stealing Blinds Promoter
Stealing Blinds Promoter

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PostSubject: Re: Screen shots from live coverage today    Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:05 am

wow r.v nice little running history their i like the live version this year kind of cool
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Screen shots from live coverage today
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