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 World Poker Tour – Legends of Poker

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PostSubject: World Poker Tour – Legends of Poker   Mon Nov 21, 2011 1:07 pm

When Bicycle Casino announced that World Poker Tour Legends of Poker will drop buy-in from $ 5,000 to $ 3,500 but with the possibility of re-enrollment, the reactions were different, but the results were surprising.

The tournament attracted 757 participants thanks to 435 players enrolled in Day 1B. Over 25% of the participants of the day was decided that players deserve a chance tournaments and have re-enrolled (116 of 181 eliminated in Day 1a were re-enrolled in day 1B). Pro players' and Allen Kessler, Matt Affleck, Kathy Liebert, Owen Crowe, Ali Eslami, Sam Stein and Faraz Jaka, who were eliminated on day 1A, chose to re-enroll in the tournament, but for most of her day to 1B similar closed the previous day.

One exception is the very champion of last year - Andy Frankenberg, who left the tournament on day 1A, but thanks to the possibility of re-enrollment in day 1B, it can still defend his title. But one who has profited most from this option is JC Tran, who managed to gather a stack of 265,000 chips, which threw the stack top.

The top 81 players from this event will collect $ 7,000, the winner assuming the amount of $ 758,085.

Here are the provisional standings at the end of day 1B:

1. J.C. Tran - 265 000
2. Young Man - 189 600
3. Gary Miles - 177 300
4. Michael Woo - 167 000
5. Paul Lieu - 148 000
6. Marek Uharcek - 146 100
7. Andrew Taylor - 142 000
8. Michael Winnett - 139 200
9. Owen Crowe - 138 500
10. So Henry - 136 800
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World Poker Tour – Legends of Poker
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