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 Merge is now accepting U.S. Players!!!!

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Co-Founder/Admin/Staking Admin

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PostSubject: Merge is now accepting U.S. Players!!!!   Wed Oct 26, 2011 9:22 pm

Merge is now accepting U.S. Players!!!!

Since April 2011, the availability of online poker for American players has been very scarce. A couple months later, the Merge network announced that they were no longer accepting Americans to sign up through any Merge skin ( Hero Poker, Carbon Poker, RPM Poker and Lock Poker ). Last week, they announced that they are allowing American players to sign up again and deposit on their site. This is not only a big push toward the legalization of Online Poker but now American players now have another avenue to play Online Poker. I, myself, play on Merge, mostly on Hero poker but I also play on Carbon, just because I started playing on those first but they are all great! Merge is a great company and they come highly recommended. Deposits, Cash-outs, Support, and everything you look for in a poker site, Merge has it down and they are very smooth.

If you sign up through on any Merge skin ( Hero Poker, Carbon Poker, RPM Poker and Lock Poker ) you will receive a $50 Deposit Bonus on top of any bonus the Merge company is offering. Example : If you sign up for Hero poker and they are offering a $600 Deposit bonus, if you sign up through Hero poker via you will receive a $50 bonus on top of that $600 Bonus for a total of a $650 Bonus. ( Bonuses for Merge may vary but the $50 Deposit Bonus for Stealing Blinds is firm and will not change )

For any information on any Merge skin go to the Stealing Blinds forum and post a thread stating your question, a fellow Stealing Blinds member or multiple will answer your question.

For further questions about Bonuses, , or any other questions PM any of the Stealing Blinds Admins on the Forum

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Stealing Blinds Promoter

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PostSubject: Re: Merge is now accepting U.S. Players!!!!   Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:18 am

That's really good Merge is accepting U.S. players, i'm very happy about that Smile cheers cheers cheers
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Merge is now accepting U.S. Players!!!!
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