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 Appeals Process.

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PostSubject: Appeals Process.   Fri Jul 15, 2011 8:36 am

If a staker has made a complaint against a horse, then we as a site will take this very serious. At the same time we will allow anyone that has had a complaint made against them to defend them-self. Before any actions are taken the horse will have a time-frame of one week to use the appeals process against any complaints made to us by the people staking the horse.

The appeals process will not take any longer than one week from the initial complaint and/or the initial response from the horse in the appeals section. If for any reason the horse decides not to appeal, after one week from the initial complaint, the horse will then be determined to have done what they are accused of and proper actions will be taken. The actions taken against the horse can include anything from loss of privileges from posting in certain forums (probation) up to being permanently banned from the forum.

As each case will be different, we will conclude as a site, what actions are to be taken. There will be a Panel of atleast 5+ admin/moderators reviewing the case at anytime, and at minimum it will take 5 votes. There will be no finger pointing or favoritism where one admin of the forum will be able to punish another member, it will be majority decision.
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Appeals Process.
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