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 Great Coverage...

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Stealing Blinds Promoter
Stealing Blinds Promoter

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PostSubject: Great Coverage...   Tue Sep 20, 2011 8:05 pm

of the announcement that Full Tilt is a straight up Ponzi Scheme....

where is jail!!????

Laughing my ##### off tho, I had like 17 cents on that jacked up site....

I knew I never played there for a was so juvenile and lame w/ all those cartoon characters..haha....

just wish i wasnt banned from some other stuff, I'd love to hear them whine, cry and scream, and try to console themselves, claiming that "it will just be a matter of time, they'll come back stronger than ever, and pay back all the players, and offer incentives"...YEAH RIGHT....LMAO..

Enjoy jail Lederer, maybe you can work on a dissertation professor....and Jesus has the right name, cuz thats what hes going to be screaming when they bend him over in the showers...haha
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Co-Founder/Admin/Staking Admin
Co-Founder/Admin/Staking Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Great Coverage...   Wed Sep 21, 2011 1:08 am

Ya its really a shame, although i have to admit, not so much that i had a feeling about fulltiltpoker but i just never really liked it as much as Pokerstars

I have full confidence Pokerstars will be back in full force because they paid everyone back and took care of there business but fulltiltpoker on the other hand took the money and blah blah blah

really sad to see online poker go through this phase, yes i said phase, it will be back in a big way! Smile

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Stealing Blinds Promoter
Stealing Blinds Promoter

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PostSubject: Re: Great Coverage...   Wed Sep 21, 2011 12:30 pm

That is a true story,you are right guys...hope it never happened again...what we,ll ever know!!??!! Very Happy Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Great Coverage...   

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Great Coverage...
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