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 -RVCrusher- Poker-College-Life-

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Co-Founder/Admin/Staking Admin
Co-Founder/Admin/Staking Admin

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Post-RVCrusher- Poker-College-Life-

-RVCrusher- Poker-College-Life-

My name is Justin Doyle and i am co-owner, co-admin and staking manager of Ive Been playing poker since i was later 15 turning 16, I played for a living for 3 years in sin city and throughout Cali mostly with a fake id, only about 5 months i was 21 the rest i was under-age, playing as young as 19 years old in decently sized cash games. I currently attend Shasta College in Northern Cali. and am majoring in Business. I have a huge passion for poker and have learned many things and developed many relationships through the game. Here at we thrive to bring you the most up to date poker news, have a clean and fun place to discuss poker and anything else poker related and much more!

This is my Poker-College-Life Blog. Ill be writing about poker, college and life. lol

Here are my current live stats

Idk why it says hometown arcadia, i lived there for like a couple years and my license says it lol

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-RVCrusher- Poker-College-Life- :: Comments

Spanish test
Post on Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:18 am  RVCrusher
Had first Spanish test of the year on Friday, reeeally sweating the results won't know until Monday
Well got a 79% on my Spanish Test
Post on Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:30 am  RVCrusher
Well got a 79% on my Spanish Test

Not the best but not the worst..Have to study harder and turn that into a B or A next time Smile

Loads of Homework this weekend but will still try to fit volume in on Merge

Spanish and Math class tomorrow and off for Labor day weekend Smile
Math hw done
Post on Sun Sep 04, 2011 1:02 pm  RVCrusher
Just completed my math homework and might i add, weeeee Smile lol

Just have English, Business and Spanish hw left Smile
$25+$10 Tournament at Win River Casino
Post on Thu Sep 15, 2011 1:04 am  RVCrusher
$25+$10 Tournament at Win River Casino

I started off good, built my 4k stack to 6k, had 10 10 and raised big pre, this lady calleda nd flop came A J 2, she chcked i put her all in and she thought ahd mucked it, i showed this guy my tens next me and go " fck thats a bad flop" lol i didnt say ##### but ya and the lady fuckin asked to see my hand which i hate! and the dealer showed it, 10 10 and she goes omg she my hand and the dealer showed her..Q Q Very Happy:D im like..thats why i never ask to see ppls hands!! Very Happy:D:D but ya that got me to like 6k, and was cruising and then hti a brick wall, was gettin decent cards and was just dusting off chips, went from 6300 or so to like 4500 at 1st break, came back..moved tables after a few hands.. and was just cruising..blinds were still 100/200 so icould limp with marginal hands n shit..i limped after a couple limpers with 10 4 clubs..idk LOL i must have been really bored, and i thought i couldnt either out play the ppl post flop or hit something nice, so limp around, flop comes 10 4 2 with two hearts. This lady leads for 200, this guy calls the 200 and i raise to 2600! and i only have 2k left after, they lady goes, how much does that leave u with? and i got 2k..and she thinks for like 10 sec. and calls.. the other guy mucks and turn came King of heart Sad bad card...and she puts her like 1400 in that she has left and i put my two 1k chips in and go nice hand..and i flip up my 2 pair and she flips up A 10 of hearts Sad and river doesn't pair and ya..but that left me with 600 and i got A10 off suit one hand after that handa nd shoved, two callers flop was A K 10, and i had Ace of clubs and runner runner clubmaking 4 clubs on board, so i had the nut flush, got me up to like 2600 or so, and the very next hand i get J J, after one limper, i shove and i go " you guys are gonna get tired of this " cuz im thinkign that will make it look like i dont have a strong has a hand as i have..and this guy calls..and i flip up my JJ and he shows AQ and goes its a race... and i got GL and he goes GL and flop came 8 2 J, turn 10, and the table oh'd a lil bit and river 9 and table really oh'd and i said nh, gl everyone and walked away -$35, lol but it was fun Smile 71 players and top 5 paid i think first was like 450$ it might have been more, i didnt look after the add ons, so i think it was more, i think they should spread it out more and pay more but idk, i go for the win so i dont mind the payout structure, theres a few things abotu the room im picky about other than that its cool Smile
Storage unit auction Thursday
Post on Tue Sep 27, 2011 2:38 am  RVCrusher
Storage unit auction Thursday

So, last Thursday i went to my 2nd Storage auction and it was pretty interesting, we got there a little late so we missed the first locker, but we looked inside on the way to the 2nd one and it was just cheap furniture and went for $65, so i mean it didn't look like a home run but ya and the 2nd locker was another cheap locker unit, went for like $80 or something, then the 3rd unit was total garbage, had 2 used couches and a keg worth nothing, not a single soul bid, LOL not even $1, i was tempted, but the shit was worth nothing was be stupid like hauling away their the 4th and final unit was interesting it as a telescope in plain sight and a lot of boxes n shit, but the boxes looked all used and not neatly stored, and the telescope i mean what? $50-$75? so my dad and i actually bid on this locker, bidding started $10, my dad and i bid at $40, it kept goin up, when it got to $60, my dad and i said $100!, and it froze everyone and then these kids behind us bid $125 and no one else re bid, we didn't feel like it was worth that much and they won the locker..and then the one kid said "oh the scopes worth $300"..or something so idk lol but it was fun, i learned a lot and there is another storage action this Thursday actually at 3 different locations, so i might go check some more out Smile

Pictures are off of google, not actual auction pictures LOL

Poker- haven't been playing much poker lately, when i have just running really bad etc. but studying+hw comes 1st atm..

College - im really disappointed in my last Spanish Exam grade, it was a 59%, i know really bad, good news is we can drop an exam, bad news is, i dont have that exam in my bad pocket anymore, but wake up bell is ringing big time! i need to start studying a lot more and get on the books! Plan is to study like no tomorrow and do really well in Spanish and learn as much about the language as i can!! teacher works with me a lot though, i really need to step it up and start putting extra time into studying though, good news is i have solid grades in the workbooks and stuff so if i do good on future exams im looking good Smile

English is going smooth, teachers cool and that class should be pretty smooth for me. Ive been getting good grades on all the assignments etc. so looking good Smile

Business- my last test i got a 78% which is horrible especially considering it was a take home test!! so bad! but because of the extra credit in there and everything i have a 97% overall grade atm in that class Smile so looking good, i am also reading my intro to business teacher's book, Dr Cicero, "Mystic Manager" you can buy it on amazon for like $12, its a great read and great material!! Highly recommended!! I actually have that class tomorrow

Math- also tomorrow and i am doing great! teacher gives extra credit at the end of the year for perfect attendance, but i missed 1 day! which i was so pisssed about but i think i should still get some extra credit even if i missed 1 day, idk we'll see and on the hw i have all 100% so that class is going great Smile I have fellow members Garlicbutter and fuhgeddaboudit helping me with my homework, tutoring me through team viewer and skype, really helps Smile

Re: -RVCrusher- Poker-College-Life-
Post on Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:29 am  RVCrusher
Thought i should post my old stats this is from a couple years ago when i was playing online and really wasn't trying or focusing at all

Re: -RVCrusher- Poker-College-Life-
Post on Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:31 am  RVCrusher
This is me bringing it back up within the last two years, putting more effort into my online game...

Re: -RVCrusher- Poker-College-Life-
Post on Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:42 am  RVCrusher

Post on Mon Dec 12, 2011 7:06 pm  RVCrusher

Sorry so long since update but been busy with school and this is why...

so ya today, ) i got 100% on my portfolio and i showed up to english today and the teacher just said "turn in your 2 essays and u can go" everyone was like wtfff LOL and where like what about the inclass write? and shes goes " i just told u about that so everyone would show up" LOLLL im like wtfff so was obv stoked said our good byes and fuckin done with english SmileSmile another 100 points for the portfolio on top of my already A, so not to worried abotu the final essays looks like i have an A in english SmileSmile

now i gotta take my business test online which should be pretty easy, its 40 questions and i have power points and my book to help me out with it and i get 2 hours to complete it..soo i should do good, i have an A in business right now so just a decent score on this test which is the final for that class, i will get an A in there Smile gonna study up for about 10-15 more min maybe 30 min and then take the test

After that ima make my notes for my Math final which is tomorrow, were allowed to have 3 pages of notes! and its a 32 qeustion test and i need atleast a 260/300 on the final to get an A, i think i can do it thats basically like 4 questions, so i can miss up to 4 questions and get an A but ima try my best to get 100% that way ill probably at most (hopefully) miss like 1 or 2 and ill still get an A, hopefully i get a 100% so its not a sweat LOL i actually wont know what i get on my final, grade will just come out, if i dont get an A ill get a B so ill basically know what i got on my final from the final score and basically guar. atleast a B but i reeeally want an A, that would make 3 A's counting the ones i just told u

And then Spanish is on fuckin wednesday im really nervous about that one, i currently have a B in that class which is like CRAZY to me LOL and i need a decent grade on the final to mantain that B. and oh man it would be EPIC if i got a B in spanish would be really cool Smile especially after like the mid of the semester i was like unsure i was even gonna pass that class so ya would be epic if i got a B, im nervous tho we had part 1 of spanish test on friday and i dont think i did so well it was the written part and i think i fucked up a few things but i dont think i did TO bad atleast i hope i didnt but the scantron (multiple choice) version is this wednesday and usually kids are happier about that but i usually actually do like worse on those idk y but i need to study my ##### off, tonight after i finish my math notes and make sure i have my math down ima study any spanish i can and then after i take my math final on tuesday ima study my ##### off on Spanish, fuckin spanish final is 8am on wed. to fuckin EARLY Very Happy:D:D but ya fuckin nervous about that one but ya

if i can pull off the B in spanish and the A in math

that would be A,A,A,B SmileSmile would be niiice SmileSmile
Re: -RVCrusher- Poker-College-Life-
Post on Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:47 am  RVCrusher
reserve spot to talk about grades
Re: -RVCrusher- Poker-College-Life-
Post on Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:47 am  RVCrusher
reserve spot to talk abotu classes
Live BSA @ Win River $35 Buy in
Post on Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:48 am  RVCrusher
Live BSA @ Win River $35 Buy in

Sick last hand, were down to 5 and im pretty card dead i got 25k left at 3k/6k blinds and i pick up A 10 in the small blinds older guy raises on the button, i ship it, and he calls, i flip up A10 and he shows A6, flop is AJ9 turn Q and river 6, so sick, such a brutal way to go out! but ya made $117 from $35 investment..not bad but like 4 hours of work..##### lol

Quote :
ftr : i sat at $3/$6 before the tourney started and killed it, walked away $150 net winner lol Smile

Rspwner1 Invested $10 = Return $39

Garlicbutter Invested $10 = Return $39

took 5th for $122, we all took $5 off the top for 6th so they would get $25 so i i walked with $117

Starting Bankroll $35

Ending Bankroll $117
Re: -RVCrusher- Poker-College-Life-
Post on Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:36 pm  RVCrusher
about a hand i played with two tables left...

so funny last night i had JJ and this guy had AK and i just doubled to 40k and 40k was a decent stack at this stage and we had about 16 people left, i made it 3500 at 500/1k blinds and this guy makes it 7k and im like ughh dont wanna lose this stack, its a nice stack at this stage and i literally jsut doubled the hand i just flat called the min raise with my JJ and flop came AAK, and its on the guy he just ships it..ahaha im like ugh hahah im lke u show me just for fun? and he goes ya..and i folded and he showed AK im like wow why wouldnt u check? LOL i didnt say that outloud, i said NH outloud LOL but ya hahaha so funny
$115 Win River Tournament
Post on Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:04 am  RVCrusher
What happened for me in the tournament...

Well, i was already bought in for this tournament so i kind of took my sweet time in the morning and therefore was a lil late but to my suprise i only missed 1 round, so sat down to my 10k stack well 9925 stack..and there was a $5 add on for 1k more so im sitting with 11925 and im playing pretty tight, also not really getting any cards, limping a little bit but not really chipping up or down, and it was either the 6th-7th hand or so and i pick up QQ one+UTG and blinds are 50/100, i make it 350, and one person folds, this guy ive played with before in cash games and in tournaments at this very casino, ships his whole stack in! like 15k+! cuz he did the add on at the beginning...and it goes fold around to me and im thinking wow..would he really do this with AA or KK? and i actually said it out loud and two guys across from me actually go "ya...he would" LOL which is like totally out of line saying something in the middle of a hand but i didn't care, nothing like that is going to influence my decision im just im thinking about it and im like he wouldnt do that with AA or KK because he would want action from me right? i mean the 150 from blinds and my 350 theres only 500 in the middle, why ship ur whole 15k+ in the middle for just a 500 gain? maybe hes trying to get me to call? LOL idk, but i finally called and flipped over my QQ and he said "nh" and flipped over 22, flop was 889 and turn was a 2 Sad i forgot what the river was but it didn't improve my hand lol so after that i rebought and was sitting with 5k and then chipped up to like 6800 or so and just went completely card dead for about an hour or so and finally picked up AQ of hearts in the big blind at 100/200 blinds, small blind raised, i shipped, he called, he showed AK dia and i was crushed, didn't hit and that was the end of my tournament :/ Wish it would of last a little longer but it was fun..Met thatldodonkey at the tournament and looking forward to the next one they have. Decent size turn out today, they reached their cap of 200 players and first place was like $5500.

-RVCrusher- Poker-College-Life-

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