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 Bellagio Bandit Sentenced to 3-11 years in Prison

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PostSubject: Bellagio Bandit Sentenced to 3-11 years in Prison   Sat Aug 27, 2011 11:32 pm

Well if you were wondering what happened to the Bellagio robber who grabbed a bunch of cranberries ($25K Chips) and ran to his motorcycle and did the un-thinkable, robbed one of the most prestigious casinos on the strip. was sentenced on Tuesday to 3 to 11 years for his robbery. Carleo was holding a gun and wearing a motorcycle helmet, grabbed around $1.5 Million in Cranberry chips and ran for his motorcycle and fled the scene. His father is a very prestigious Las Vegas Municipal Court judge. Carleo was actually arrested in February for trying to sell some of the stolen cranberries to an undercover detective! Anthony Carleo who is 30 years old, pleaded guilty in June to armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon as part of a deal with prosecutors and also saw eight other felony charges dropped. Anthony Carleo actually did the unthinkable and robbed one of the most prestigous casinos on the Las Vegas strip, everyone was momentarily stunned and wondering if the Bellagio Bandit would get away with it. Anthony Carleo was very bold in his attempt, pointing his gun at valet making his way to his motorcycle after making off with the $1.5 million in poker chips. Anthony Carleo was also involved in other smaller robberies including one on Dec. 9th at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino in northwest Las Vegas. That robbery netted nearly $19,000 in cash, and authorities have said it played out like a dress rehearsal for the Bellagio theft. No shots were fired during the Bellagio Robbery.

By ; Justin Doyle

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Bellagio Bandit Sentenced to 3-11 years in Prison
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