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 Guidelines for Posting in this Section, Please read!

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PostSubject: Guidelines for Posting in this Section, Please read!   Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:01 am

This section of the forum allows you to advertise your poker skills and lets investors take a look at people that are looking to be backed. Its a good way to make contacts and connect with people that you other wise would not have the opportunity to do so. All staking rules Apply still.

There is no begging for stakes in this thread, those that beg will be warned, and any more begging violations you will be subject to probation leading up to and/or banned from the forum. This is a place to advertise your skills, not to beg people.

-In your posts you should list the following:

*Screen names on sites your looking to be staked

*Previous ROI % from the site or sites you have played on in the past

*What type of stake you are looking for, what games will you play, bankroll management guidelines, time you want to run the stake (long term or short term)

*Anything else that you feel applies to let investors know why they should stake you, Think of it as advertisement

If a horse finds an investor that is willing to accept the terms, the investor will setup a Private Stake in the Private Staking Area with the terms of the staking deal and the Horse will apply and agree to terms of the stake. The 3% fee for any winnings still applies.

The horse will follow all rules setup in the staking guidelines and keep a clean legible rail in the private staking rail area of the forum.

Any questions or comments regarding these guidelines, please PM the Administrator or Staking Manager.
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Guidelines for Posting in this Section, Please read!
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