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 How to Make a Poll and What NOT to Poll About!

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PostSubject: How to Make a Poll and What NOT to Poll About!   Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:10 pm

How to make a poll?

1- Go to polls forum
2- Create new topic
3- Give your poll a title
4- Enter a short sweet message in the body of the topic
5- Use the "add a poll" tab below the body
6- Enter 'poll question'
7- Enter poll answers in poll option box, 1st line= first answer, 2nd line= second answer, and so on
8- Enter how long to run poll for / multiple choice (yes or no) / vote cancelling option
9- Hit Send for the posting.

What to post!!!!!!

Post any and everything you feel like polling your fellow forum members about. It can be about poker, movies, life, favorite foods, music, anything you want to know Smile

What not to post!!!!

Any poll topics that defame or troll or put "down" another forum member is not permitted, Abusing this section of the forum can result in loss privileges and/or temp or perma ban from the forum. This will not be tolerated, we are here to enjoy each others company. Use GOOD judgement. Keep it CLEAN.

<span style="color: Navy;">Feel Free To Contact Us at StealingBlindsadmin via PM/Email/Forums if you have suggestions or feedback for our site! We will continue to make each and everyones experiences at an enjoyable one.</span>
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How to Make a Poll and What NOT to Poll About!
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