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 illuminate me mr.RVCrusher

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Stealing Blinds Promoter
Stealing Blinds Promoter

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PostSubject: illuminate me mr.RVCrusher   Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:05 pm

whats means ,,staker points and horse points,,how i earn this points??
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Co-Founder/Admin/Staking Admin
Co-Founder/Admin/Staking Admin

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PostSubject: Very good question oly   Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:11 pm

Very good question oly

Im glad you asked and this is posted

Staker points are given when members of Stealing Blinds stakes another Stealing Blinds member for a certain dollar amount on either a poker site or a live tournament. Staking is simple one person with the desire to play something their not financially to take on their own, so they seek "backing" or "staking" and a Staker will then use their funds for the player to get in the game that bests suites them. Staker Points are received when a Staker "stakes" a player and after the stake is done, win or lose by the player, the Staker will always get Staker Points for how much they staked them for. Example : Player A stakers Player B $10, but Player B loses the $10, Player A will then submit that stake and one of the admins will add the $10 to your Staker Points and Player A will received 10 Staker points for that. Also if Player B profited same scenario would happen, Player A would still get 10 Staker points for that.

Player Points are given to the Player that plays the Stake for the Staker and Profits. You must profit in a stake to received Player points. Player points are essentially how much you have profited for a Staker here on Example : Player A stakes Player B $10 and Player B ends the bankroll at $30, Player B ships back the stakeback($10) and they would split the $20, 50/50% and Player A would received $10 and Player B would receive $10. Now that Player B has shipped the stakeback and Player A's share of the profit, you will then submit the stake and a admin will add your player points accordingly. so for example you profited $20 and sent Player A $10 in profit on top of the stakeback, Player B will received 10 player points, because that is the net profit they sent to the staker.

I hope that explains what you were asking, please feel free to ask any appropriate questions that come to mind

Thank you Smile

- RVCrusher ( Staking Manager ) ( Admin )

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illuminate me mr.RVCrusher
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