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 Stealingblinds Glossary

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Co-Founder/Admin/Staking Admin

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PostSubject: Stealingblinds Glossary   Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:50 am

Glossary of Stealingblinds Staking Terminology

Donkey Dollars

Donkey Dollars is a version of make-up for a stake. When applying for a stake on, you will be agreeing to Donkey Dollars. What that essentially means is, lets say you run a $11 stake and lose. That $11 is now Donkey dollars and can be paid back by playing another stake for the same staker and when you profit, you take that $11 from your profit from the 2nd stake and pay if off that way.

Stakee = The person receiving the stake

Horse = Another name for the Stakee

Staker = The person giving out the stake

Stakeback + 50% = If a horse cashes, the staker gets sent back the initial value of the stake plus 50% of the profit


ITM = In The Money (ie amount of times the player has made the money in a staked tourney)


BSA = Buy-Some-Action (a system where others can buy some action in you to play poker)

BSA stands for "Buy Some Action". Its a way for good players to piece out there action and for people to buy shares in good players. Only the best of Stealingblinds will be allowed BSA access. To see BSA requirements see here BSA's can not run longer than one month unless stated in the BSA thread. Stakers can only "cashout" shares early if they have someone on Stealingblinds that will buy their shares at current value relevant to whatever the current bankroll is.

Staker Points

For every 1 dollar staked you will get 1 staker point. You must report the result (via the Stake Submission Form) to get your points, and your stakee must have applied for the stake in a stake thread or created a rail thread within the first 10 minutes of the tournament starting.


A style of stake in which the initial stake amount is used more than once. The stake stays alive by re-using the winnings to play more tournaments.

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Stealingblinds Glossary
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